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Pinnacle Human Capital

A National Executive Search and Professional Recruitment Firm

Helping businesses of all sizes achieve their recruiting goals

Let us fill your critical positions so you can focus on your business.

Doug Lucas

Benefits of Pinnacle Human Capital


We are committed to helping clients find world class talent at a reasonable price with a turn-key approach to staffing.

Save Your Time

Recruiting is a very time consuming and daunting process with posting jobs, reviewing resumes, statusing candidates, scheduling interviews, etc. If you have an in-house recruiting function, your recruiting staff is likely overloaded with requisitions and not focused on the critical openings, like sales.

Save Your Money

You only pay a fee if you hire one of our candidates. Invest your recruiting dollars with us and you get a guaranteed ROI with our candidate replacement guarantee. Job boards and job aggregators are very expensive and do not yield the highest quality candidates. Most of them rely exclusively on AI technology with your potential candidates initially contacted by bots then never hearing from your company again.

Broad Network

We have thousands of contacts across multiple industries and a robust candidate database. Many recruiters working in corporate recruiting departments rely almost exclusively on job board advertising to find candidates with a “post and pray” approach to recruiting.

Industries Served

  • Health Care

  • Information Technology

  • Manufacturing

  • Professional Services

  • Security Services

  • Telecommunications

Health Care

Administrative and Management

Information Technology

Network Support and Software Development


Engineering, Operations and Quality Control

Professional Services

Accounting, Finance and Human Capital Consultants

Security Services

Operations and Sales


Operations, Sales and Technical

Our Process



In-Take Call

This takes place preferably with the hiring manager; however, we recognize that this may not be possible due to timing, workplace demands, etc. Still, it is important that someone within your organization agrees upon expectations, deliverables, and understands the overall search process.



Position Description

“I’ll know it when I see it,” is an old phrase that unfortunately plays out too many times in the recruiting field. A clear, well defined list of responsibilities, skills, attributes, education, and experiential requirements always yields the best results. If you do not already have a well-defined position description, we will help you document one, so that everyone is on the same page.



Candidate Research

We use a multitude of sources and techniques including social media, industry groups and good old fashioned cold calling to find top talent for your organization.



Candidate Screening

To many recruiters today, recruiting is a purely a numbers game. To us, it is a customized and targeted search. We only reach out to those potential candidates who fill all your requirements, not just some. You damage your employment brand when you contact candidates who are not qualified and are subsequently rejected or never contacted again. We spend time with each candidate understanding their motivation to make a change and what motivates them to come to work each day.



Candidate Selection

We only present candidates to you who have a proven track record of success and who we believe will place well in your organization. However, only you will ultimately know who will fit and who will not with your culture.



Candidate Offer

We recommend that you let us own this process. Offer negotiation can get emotional and the last thing you want is bad blood between you/the hiring manager and the new employee.