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Our Services

Pinnacle Human Capital provides the following executive/professional search services to organizations of all sizes in the following position classifications:

  • Executive/C-Suite Examples: VP Finance, SVP Human Resources, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Management (Middle and Senior Level) Examples: District Manager, VP Operations, Plant Manager
  • Professional (Individual Contributor) Examples: Quality Engineer, IT Specialist, RF Engineer
  • Sales - Examples: Business Development Manager, VP Sales, Account Executive

Why Pinnacle Human Capital?

We only present candidates with a strong track record of success and those with tenure at their current employer and past employers. We will never present a job hopper to you. You should have peace of mind knowing that if one of our candidates leaves within six months voluntarily, we will replace them at no charge.

The staffing industry average for all positions is 42 days, which can be higher or lower depending on the industry. Given our extensive network, we have filled positions in as little as three days. In most cases, we will fill your critical positions with highly qualified candidates in 30 days or less, depending on your internal hiring processes.

Job boards and other recruiting media can be very expensive over time and yield little to no results. Most candidates who post their resumes on job boards are actively seeking employment and are not fully engaged in their current positions. We seek passive candidates who are well established at their current employers. Then, we sell the candidate on the benefits of working for your organization. Our experience shows that these candidates tend to have greater longevity and success with our clients.